Asylum Peckham Wedding Photography – Laura and Pascal

My last wedding of 2014 was a long-awaited return trip to Caroline Gardens Chapel in Peckham, otherwise known as Asylum. Last time I was there it was the middle of a July heatwave and the building became a huge sauna. This time there was the gentle red glow, and not so gentle roar, of a pair of industrial heaters keeping the gathered guests from freezing solid.

First of all I had an adventure that began in London Fields where Laura and her bridesmaids were preparing themselves. Once ready we all climbed into the huge vintage limo and set off on the journey south of the river. As we sped through the Limehouse Link Tunnel there was a wisp of smoke from the bonnet. “Nothing to worry about!” the driver reassured us. As we headed out of the tunnel the wisp turned into a cloud, and then started coming through the dashboard, and finally the car juddered to a halt and fell silent. Luckily for the people of London we were out of the tunnel. Bridesmaid of the year prize goes to the girl who (very) quickly commandeered the car behind us to transport Laura and her crew. Unfortunately there was no room for yours truly, so I had a slightly stressful walk/run for a mile down the Old Kent Road.

Thankfully I made it in time for the ceremony, which was followed by a drinks reception, and then possibly the last meal I will shoot at Asylum as it becomes a ceremony-only venue later this year. After a few speeches it was time for possibly the most haphazard and out of control ceilidh I’ve ever seen. This wouldn’t happen in Scotland, or would it…