Emirates Stadium Wedding Photography – Aisling and Matt

I shoot a lot in Islington, but this was my first wedding at the Emirates Stadium. I know what you’re thinking. “That poor bride” or “that must be one of those ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ weddings”. Well, the choice of venue was completely in the hands of Aisling who (along with her sister) is a massive Arsenal fan. Matt doesn’t even support Arsenal! Aisling even had special ‘football’ shoes for the occasion.

Preparations for the day took place at mum’s house just up the road from the Emirates Stadium, before the action-proper started in the Woolwich Suite. For those in doubt as to the bride’s allegiance, she had red and white balloons at the house, red roses for all the flowers, red ties for the men and Gunnersaurus on meet-and-greet duty.

After the ceremony the couple were directed to a private box where, along with a few canapés and a glass of fizz each, there was a surprise waiting for them. The actual FA Cup just sat there on a plinth. After the obligatory ‘portrait with FA Cup’ Aisling and Matt got to wander the stadium for a bit before returning to the fold for more drinks and nibbles. Then it was time to eat before speeches and straight into the dancing. And I managed to get through the whole day without letting on to anybody that I’m a Newcastle supporter.

Painted Hall Wedding Photography – Julia and Sean

This was the first of two lots of wedding photography at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich in the same year, starting off at the Painted Hall. Firstly, I found myself in a department store in Bromley where Julia had her make-up done, before heading to her nearby home to finish the preparations. Julia (pronounced and spelt Yulia in her native Russia) had both her own family and friends, and Sean’s family present to help her. The ceremony took place at another venue I was making the first of two visits to in 2015, nearby Eltham College. Sean’s two sons attend the college and so they chose a familiar setting. After some (surprisingly common) taxi trouble Julia finally arrived and proceedings got underway.

Afterwards, we all boarded a pair of Routemaster buses for the short journey across south east London to the ORNC. Drinks and canapés were served in the colonnade next to the Painted Hall, before a receiving line welcomed the guests into the impressive surroundings of the Hall itself for the meal and speeches. There was a brief interval between courses to enjoy the sunshine on the lawns, as the band set off the fire alarms with their smoke machine! Julia’s Russian father managed a very passable speech in English despite it not being his mother tongue, with possibly the best speech backdrop I’ve ever had.

The day came to a close with dancing down in the basement, and the band more than made up for the lack of artificial haze with some pretty awe-inspiring outfits. Light-up codpieces not pictured. It’s not that kind of blog.

Bruisyard Hall Wedding Photography – Stephanie and Chris

Instead of my usual waffling, I though I’d post Stephanie & Chris’ images with some feedback from Stephanie:

“I guess you wont be surprised, given your experience of me, but I have just genuinely sat through the eight minute slideshow completely overwhelmed with emotion. Your capturing of the love and joy is deeply moving and the pictures are as magical as the day was for me.

Given that it was such a very special day for the family and the photos have been so eagerly awaited, it could easily have been an anti-climax but I’m on a lovely high now and cannot express how grateful I am to you.

You are probably told this all the time but I will treasure your work for the rest of my life and know that I will turn to the album whenever I need to glow inside.

Thank you x”