London Home Birth Story – Franciszek

Hello? Is this thing working? After a very busy 2015 filled with weddings, more weddings, some IT and email issues and a few more weddings, I’ve not had much of an opportunity to update my blog. So rather than do the sensible thing and make a start on the backlog of wedding posts, I thought I’d begin by posting a few images from a birth story I photographed recently.

Having waited patiently for a few weeks I finally got the call to say Asia’s waters had broken at 2am on a Wednesday in November. I made the 2 (and a bit) hour journey down to West London immediately arriving at 4.30am, and Franciszek was born just after 6am! So a completely different experience to my last birth shoot. Home rather than hospital, pool rather than bed, a much darker room and a way, way quicker birth.

Still a powerful and emotional experience though, and it’s fantastic to give Asia and Jonathan (and Franciszek) a few moving images of such a huge moment in their lives. Enjoy.

Event Photography at the Zoom Factory, London – Alys and Simon

My penultimate job of 2012 was a little out of the ordinary for a number of reasons. Firstly, it featured a bride and groom, but the wedding happened six months ago. After living in Catalonia for work, Alys and Simon discovered that it was quite difficult for them to get married in the UK, and equally difficult to get married in Spain, so they eloped to Gibraltar. Returning to the UK for Christmas they decided to have a big knees-up for all their family and friends.

Which brings me to the second strange thing about this mid-December wedding reception. No Christmas decorations in sight! Afternoon tea complete with scones and clotted cream gave the party a distinctly summery air, and having free reign to decorate the Zoom Factory however they liked, they opted to ignore the imminent festivities. The evening was completed with activities that betrayed Alys’ teaching background.

The guests were split into teams of people unknown to each other and asked to discuss how they knew the couple. This knowledge was then to be used in the production of something that summed up Alys and Simon and their life. Genius.

Tower Bridge Walkways Engagement Party – Marcelle and Lukas

A little break in the wedding season to shoot something slightly different. At the end of June I spent a couple of hours up on the walkways of Tower Bridge in London at Marcelle and Lukas’ engagement party. In the midst of the rainy summer I managed to enjoy some of the best evening sunshine of the year, giving great light for the party up above the Thames.

Having seen the huge Olympic rings attached to the bridge on TV and in photographs, it was a bit surreal to find myself directly above them! As the party progressed the guests enjoyed a gorgeous sunset across the London skyline. Let’s hope the weather is as lovely for Marcelle and Lukas’ wedding next August!