London Home Birth Story – Franciszek

Hello? Is this thing working? After a very busy 2015 filled with weddings, more weddings, some IT and email issues and a few more weddings, I’ve not had much of an opportunity to update my blog. So rather than do the sensible thing and make a start on the backlog of wedding posts, I thought I’d begin by posting a few images from a birth story I photographed recently.

Having waited patiently for a few weeks I finally got the call to say Asia’s waters had broken at 2am on a Wednesday in November. I made the 2 (and a bit) hour journey down to West London immediately arriving at 4.30am, and Franciszek was born just after 6am! So a completely different experience to my last birth shoot. Home rather than hospital, pool rather than bed, a much darker room and a way, way quicker birth.

Still a powerful and emotional experience though, and it’s fantastic to give Asia and Jonathan (and Franciszek) a few moving images of such a huge moment in their lives. Enjoy.

Birth Photography at St Thomas’ Hospital – Eliana Florence

A little break in the weddings for something a bit different. I shot Jess & Simon’s wedding at Blenheim Palace back in 2012, and Jess recently got in touch to ask if I would be prepared to photograph the birth of their first child at St. Thomas’ hospital in London. I love it (and get the best results) when my clients trust me completely with the precious moments of their life, and give me unfettered access to capture the genuine emotions of their wedding or event. However, a birth is a whole extra level to a wedding, and I was so honoured and excited to be asked. I spent the next couple of weeks chomping at the bit and willing Jess to go into labour before the family holiday I had booked for two days after her due date! Thankfully, with almost a week to go I got a message to say that Jess was having steady contractions, so I prepared to make the journey down to London.

24 hours later I was wandering the capital waiting for updates, but it appeared the mother-to-be was in for a marathon rather than a sprint. Two nights in a hotel and lots of coffee shop visits later Jess was finally admitted and I took up residence with them in the ‘Home From Home’ birth centre at the hospital. For those that don’t know St. Thomas’ is on the south bank of the Thames directly opposite the Houses of Parliament, and next to the London Eye, so there were some amazing views to be had. Obviously Jess was enjoying the views through the pain (and gas and air) of labour.

After another whole day of contractions, and a couple of hours of pushing, Eliana Florence was finally born in the early hours of Friday 6th February. Mother, father and daughter are all doing well.