Your wedding day, as it happens

It’s a day that you spend a long time planning so carefully, filled with excitement, suspense, emotion, drama and fun. It can pass you by incredibly fast, gone in a flash. I believe that great wedding photography should be about creating a timeless record that enables you to relive these fleeting moments forever.

Known as documentary or reportage wedding photography, or sometimes wedding photojournalism, my approach simply means that I tell the real story of your whole day through my images, with no contrived posing, prompting or intervention. I’m not interested in dragging you away from the party for a photoshoot. You have the rest of your lives together to pose for portraits.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience to be enjoyed to the full with your family and friends, not your photographer.

What to expect from my approach

I arrive a couple of hours before the ceremony to capture the preparations and build-up, then on to the ceremony venue where the guests are gathering. With the permission of the officiant or registrar I shoot discreetly throughout your ceremony, and afterwards as you greet all of your friends and family. I take a short break whilst everyone eats, then I’m back for the speeches and your first dance, followed by the evening party. I stay long enough to capture a few shots of your guests throwing some shapes and then I disappear into the night.

I then remove any duplicate images, and any unflattering expressions, and perform colour corrections and black and white conversions, leaving you with a final set of around 300 fully-finished images. You’ll receive all of these images as high-resolution files that you can use to produce your own prints, and a special set that are perfect for use online. You’ll also receive a slideshow set to music and a link to an online gallery which your family and friends can enjoy wherever they are.